Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween acrylic mini album

'Morning everyone !

We have a crispy weather today in Aberdeen. Feels like winter is already there and make think that I didn't show you my Halloween albums yet.
Let's start with one I made long long ago with an acrylic Victorian album by Prima Marketing (featured in "Scrap pour tous" fall 2009 edition).  I really love working with transparent materials.

The album has two gate on the front, where I put felt gates and flowers by Prima Marketing. I think the papers are from the Magnolia Serene collection by MME.

A lot of fussy cutting with the beautiful flowers from the papers. I used my Create-a-Sticker to put adhesive on them.

Can you see the black Boo sweater with assorted hat on the right ? I crocheted it... The round picture with ghosts is taken from the carved pumpkin (in the making picture below the round one).

I used blue crystal sand for the background of the last page. It was a nightmare to glue them one by one, but love the result.

Hope you like it...


  1. This is beautiful, Valerie! Your crochet work is too.

  2. So beautiful. Love all the layers of your project. Those flowers were a lot of work, I'm sure, but so worth it.

  3. I too love the look of the transparencies. Great album, great fussy cutting, and wow that sweater is amazing.

  4. So beautiful, love the way you used the transparencies.

  5. Woah! You glued those one by one! Really cool mini - very unique!

  6. Beautiful! The way you use the transparency really pops this album. Great layering and detail cutting.

  7. this is incredible...stunning work!